The History of Sport Played in China's Treaty Ports

  The "A" Company of the Shanghai Volunteer Corp appeared intermittently over the years on the rugby field. They made their first appearance on 28 February 1895 against the Engineers from the SVC drawing 3 all.

  In January 1907 their next recorded appearance was playing association football against the Shanghai Rugby Football Club as part of that year's Skottowe Cup. For several years the rugby club entered the association football tournament reaching the final in 1906 and being soundly beaten by the fourth Shanghai Football Club from whom they had split two years before.

  In 1912 the "A" Company joined the first rugby league set up in Shanghai. They narrowly lost the first game against the Light Horse section of the SVC but were thrashed by the SRFC and did not complete the rest of their fixtures in that season.

  Their next appearance was once again in a league fixture some fourteen years later in January 1926. They were again heavily beaten by the SRFC and followed this defeat with losses against the Shanghai Scottish team and the Machine Gunners SVC Company. 

  Undeterred they entered the Shanghai league in the following season and continued their losing form being beaten by the Machine Gun Company SVC 50:0. 

 The "A" Company made a final appearance fourteen years later in December 1940 when at last they won a game beating the Scottish Company from the SVC by 23:11.


"A" Company of the Shanghai Volunteer Corp (1895 - 1940)

Another big  defeat for the "A" Company in February 1927

Team photo from the last appearance of  "A" Company in December 1940. The players from the team list were:

Pether, Weidman, Kennedy, Thomas, Capt. Gambling, Brown, Bryant, Pow, Whaley, Winter, Richards, Parsons, Frewen, Allen & Rampling

The match report of the Skottowe Cup association football match played between the "A" Company and SRFC in January 1907