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The History of Sport Played in China's Treaty Ports

  The Beijing Devils were established in Beijing in 1992 as a touch Rugby team. They played their first contact game in 1993. Originally named the Beijing Foreign Devils they preceded the Shanghai Hairy Crabs by several years and were playing rugby some forty-three years after the original Shanghai Rugby Football Club hung up their boots in 1950. In those far off days the main team in the North of China was Tientsin [Tianjin] who regularly played rugby against Shanghai. You can find the few details I have discovered about rugby in Peking before 1940 here. If you want to find out more about the modern Beijing Devils Rugby Club there is a link here

 Mr Norman Green (who features in all three photos below) was kind enough to let me have an early clipping from his early days in Beijing. He was there in the mid 1990s, before leaving and later returning to serve the Club a second time in the early 2000's. He rounded off his China rugby journey by playing for the Shanghai Hairy Crabs and serving on the committee as Secretary and President. 

A Beijing Expat magazine Beijing Today reports on the Beijing Devils in June 1995

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The Beijing Devils from more than 20 years ago in June 1995!