The memorial to Bichard at 
Guildford, England, United Kingdom

 Geoffrey Francis Hammond Bichard was Shanghai's fourth most capped interporter. He played in eight interport fixtures (Hong Kong three times, Hankow and Tianjin twice and Keio University once). He also played for Hong Kong against Shanghai in 1928.
 Apart from him playing a lot of rugby, more than ninety games, I have found very little about his life in Shanghai. 
​ In January 1942 he joined the Royal Corps of Signals. In February 1944 he was serving in Burma with the 7th Indian Division fighting on the Arakan front. The circumstances of his death, aged forty-one were recorded in his war unit’s diary:
On 4th February 1944 a powerful Japanese force passed through the British lines, without being detected in the early morning mist, and encircled the 7th Indian Division, progressively overrunning its HQs from the north. Early on the morning of the 6th, the Japanese crept up on the Signals base and fierce fighting ensued, with the Japanese getting the upper hand and pursuing the retreating Signals soldiers into the surrounding jungle where many of them perished. During the afternoon, parties of men straggled into the Division's remaining Administrative base and it was found that 7 officers, 8 British other ranks and 90 Indian other ranks were missing. Capt Bichard was among the missing and his body was never found. 
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Bichard pictured in 1933 at a fancy dress party at the Shanghai Country Club.

Rear: Mr N Kent, Mrs C Trenchard-Davis, Mr John Stuart, Miss Yvonne Crighton, Mr G F H Bichard

Front: Mr Trenchard Davis, Miss Jean Crighton

Geoffrey Francis Hammond Bichard (1902? - 1944)

The History of Sport Played in China's Treaty Ports