The History of Sport Played in China's Treaty Ports

Charles Blaikie was married in Shanghai to Florence Heath in October 1934. Above is his wedding photo and to the right the report of his wedding

Charles Biggar Blaikie (1900 - 1943)

Charles Blaikie was a member of the Shanghai Scottish SVC. He is pictured here in 1934 with rugby teammate J G B Dewar and fellow volunteers A Y Tait,  C M Bain, J K Ewing.   

Charles Blaikie pictured in 1931

  In April 1943 Major Charles Biggar Blaikie became another victim of the World War Two. He died in Agra, India serving with King George V’s Own Bengal Sappers and Miners aged forty-two. He was buried in Delhi War Cemetery.

  Born in 1900, he attended Charterhouse School. He first played rugby in Shanghai for the Shanghai Scottish in February 1924 and continued playing until December 1931. He made a final appearance playing for the ‘Once Were’s’ team in December 1939.

  While in Shanghai he worked for the Shanghai Electric Company. He married his wife Florence in Shanghai in October 1931. His team mate J R Milligan served as best man.