Proud parents Mr and Mrs S P Fabian received a letter from their eighteen year old son serving with the Royal Air Force ‘somewhere in England’. Edward Albert James ‘Sonny’ Fabian played in the lower Shanghai teams before starting work as a Cabin Boy in 1939. His brother L V Fabian was also with the RAF and had played for the Public School Boys team. ‘Sonny’ told his parents that he was now down to 150lb, mainly muscle and no surplus fat. He reported that ‘the few air raids that we have on our towns are not much and bear no comparison with the attacks by the Japanese on Chinese’ (this was of course to change when the Blitz started in September 1940).  He added that he had obtained permission to wear the scout uniform from his camp’s padre outside of duty hours. The ‘Rover Crew’ he formed took advantage of the countryside around his base and on Sundays went for fifteen mile hikes. He signed off the letter ‘P.S. Thanks for the handkerchiefs and the Twigg’s toffees, they were much appreciated’.  Sonny died on 9 April 1941 serving his Country aged just nineteen.

The ship manifest showing that Fabian worked his passage as a cabin boy to get from Shanghai to England to volunteer for service with the Royal Air Force

Edward Albert James 'Sonny' Fabian (1922? - 1941)

The History of Sport Played in China's Treaty Ports