The History of Sport Played in China's Treaty Ports

Harris has his eyes on the ball playing for the Armoured Cars SVC team playing against the Shanghai Municipal Police on 14 March 1937 in the Spunt Cup Semi-Final. The Armoured Cars won 3:0  but lost the final against the Loyal Regiment.

Photograph from May 1938 taken at the Rowing Club platform on Suzhou Creek in front of Garden Bridge. Alongside Harris are fellow rugby players G Blown, J Stewart-Smith, J R M Warner, F R L Carey and  J March 

Two photographs from Harris's wedding day on 29 March 1939

 Nigel Mayne Wilfred Harris was also a dedicated member of the Shanghai Rowing Club and wrote a history of that Club published in 1938 titled ‘Sampan Pidgin’ or which could be translated as ‘Boat Business’. He was born in London in May 1909 and was another rugby player that lived to a venerable age -eighty-nine- dying in England in 1999. 
He was married in Shanghai in March 1939 to Miss Marion Lawrence Little. The Rugby Club was well represented at their marriage, Club Secretary J W M Martin was his best man and fellow members N J Stabb, A M Kennedy, D D Carter and F R L Carey were his ushers.
​ Nigel returned to England during the Second World War and served in the Accountant branch of the Royal Air Force Reserve later reaching the rank of Flight Lieutenant still serving in the Accountant Branch. A story taken from the website of the River and Rowing Museum in Henley records that Harris returned to the Rowing Club in 1946 when serving with the RAF in Hong Kong. He found it locked and abandoned, upon entering he discovered fifty copies of his book in mint condition in the office, one of which was obtained from him by the story teller, Chris Dodd in 1990. 

 Nigel's wife Marion died as recently as 2012 aged 97!

Nigel Mayne Wilfred Harris (1909 - 1999)