The History of Sport Played in China's Treaty Ports


  • Earnshaw Books - specializing in reprints of old China classics, its focus has expanded to include original works on Chinese history and culture, with occasional forays further afield.
  • Tales of Old China - This website gives a feel for the world of Old China through a hyperlinked collage of words and images.
  • Professor Robert Bickers site - A fascinating compilation of varied writing about China related themes that pass over Bicker's desk
  • Visualising China - a web-based resource that allows users to explore more than 9,000 digitised images of historical photographs of China taken between 1870 and 1950. 
  • Chinese Maritime Customs Project- A University of Bristol project about the Chinese Maritime Customs Service which was an international, although predominantly British-staffed bureaucracy (at senior levels) under the control of successive Chinese central governments from its founding in 1854, until 1950 when the last foreign Inspector-General resigned.
  • Royal Asiatic Society in China - A very active society in Shanghai with regular visiting lecturers, book clubs, movie clubs, guided walks and more.
  • Greg Leck - Captives of Empire, the definitive account of the Western civilians imprisoned by the Japanese in China.

Useful Links 



  • Tess Johnson - long term resident and scholar of Shanghai has her own website.
  • The Shanghai Municipal Police - Compiled by Professor Robert Bickers, this site is a working database of British and Irish Shanghai Municipal Policeman
  • Virtual Shanghai Project - Virtual Shanghai is a research and resource platform on the history of Shanghai from the mid-nineteenth century to nowadays. It incorporates four sets of documents: essays, original documents, photographs, and maps.
  • A Blog about Old Shanghai - Hugues Martin's the chronicle of his discovery of Shanghai past.  He shares his acquired knowledge, as well commenting on locations, books, movies and anything that is relevant to people interested in the topic. 

Rugby History

  • The RFU's World Rugby Museum - well worth a visit if you are near Twickenham.
  • Rugby World History - extensive website on world rugby history
  • The Rugby History Society - a society dedicated to the preservation and extension of the History of Rugby Union
  • British Society of Sports History - a society which includes activities as diverse as encouragement of research within and beyond academic settings, support for the preservation of the sporting record, collaboration with the museum and heritage sector, promotion of the study of the history of sport in higher and further education as well as by those in secondary school, and engagement with the broader public media.