Lieutenant Basil Herrick McMichael was killed in January 1943. He first played for Shanghai in November 1936, frequently in the lower teams through to February 1939. His club team was the Etceteras.

  He went down with his crew over the Middle East and was buried in Catania War Cemetery in Sicily aged twenty-two. He left a wife, Daphne, who he had married in September 1940, and distraught parents who were still living in Shanghai on Yu Yuan Road.

  In April 1943 shortly after Basil was declared missing in action but before he was confirmed killed his parents were interned in the Lung Hwa Camp.

Basil's grave at Catania War Cemetery in Sicily, Italy

Basil Herrick McMichael (1920? - 1943)

The History of Sport Played in China's Treaty Ports