A Game For Hooligans - The History of Rugby Union, Huw Richards
'Huw Richards has managed to distil the very essence of rugby union history into this one volume . . . an excellent chronicle' (The Independent)

A Social History of English Rugby Union, Tony Collins
'A work of this quality is deserving of readership beyond just historians of the rugby codes, and indeed beyond the ranks of sports historians. Collins is simply an outstanding historian, and this study certainly fits as easily into the realm of social history as it does to sport ... an excellent work that is fully deserving of the praise that has justly been heaped upon it.'  Charles Little, Sport and Society

The Final Whistle: The Great War In Fifteen Players, Stephen Cooper
People use the word hero to describe sportsmen but the guys in this book are true heroes. A fantastic and inspiring read from the first page to the last. --Jason Leonard, England & British Lions. The Book 'It's a Rough Game But Good Sport' includes a chapter which tells the story of Shanghai's rugby playing heroes.

The History of the Rugby Football Union, O L Owen

Commissioned to be written by the RFU in 1955, the book includes a special mention of the Shanghai Rugby Football Club on page 133. Has a heavy focus on the administrators of the game but is highly informative nonetheless.

Rugby Books

French Rugby Football: A Cultural History, Phillip Dine

"Philip Dine is the master of all he has surveyed and read . . . French Rugby Football is a superb contribution not only to sports studies but also to social and cultural history tout court." --The International Journal of the History of Sport

How Football Began: A Global History of How the World's Football Codes Were Born, Tony Collins  

"The origins of football’s many codes and their complex relationship to each other has been one of sporting history's great grey areas, dominated by hearsay and invention. No longer. Tony Collins’ cool and illuminating How Football Began brings range, precision and sources to bear on the matter." - David Goldblatt, Author of The Ball is Round: A Global History of Football and The Game of Our Lives. The early history of football in Shanghai evolved around debates about which rules to use.

The History of Sport Played in China's Treaty Ports