The match report for Perrott's international cap in February 1875

Mr Edward Simcox Perrott, known to his friends as ‘Mons’ has the distinction of being the first rugby player for Shanghai who held an international cap. ‘Mons’ went to Cheltenham College, one of the public schools which favoured rugby rules.
He earned his sole cap playing for England against Ireland on 15 February 1875. This was the first time that these countries had played each other at rugby. The game was played at the Kennington Oval, -now more familiar as a cricket venue- in front of 2,000 spectators. England won by two goals and one try to nil. In the list of England internationals, Perrott is listed as the sixty-fifth.
In 1875 rugby teams were still twenty-a-side consisting of thirteen forwards and seven backs. It was not until February 1877 that the game became fifteen-a-side. 
Perrott arrived in Shanghai in December 1879 almost four years after earning his England cap. He joined Reid Evans and Co with offices on Peking Road, and retired working for the same company in 1905. As well as playing rugby, he was a renowned cricketer. A match report soon after his arrival read ‘Mr. Perrott, of Cheltenham celebrity played good cricket for his 43.’ 
​ In 1898 at the AGM of the Paper Hunt Club the Chairman took the floor saying ‘Gentleman, the next business before the meeting is the election of a Master, and I beg to propose Mr. Perrott for this post of honour. He is one of our oldest and keenest paper hunters; he has knowledge of the country probably second to none of us.’  He was duly elected serving until 1903. A line of jumps named after him were still being jumped at the time of his death in Wales in 1915.  

Edward Simcox Perrott (? - 1915)

The History of Sport Played in China's Treaty Ports

Perrott in 1896 with his fellow Stewards of the Shanghai Paper Hunt Club

Perrott's obituary in June 1915.

Perrott photographed in 1884 as part of the 'English' Cricket team in Shanghai