The History of Sport Played in China's Treaty Ports

The History of Rowing in Shanghai

  Nigel Mayne Wilfred Harris played rugby for Shanghai and was also a dedicated member of the Shanghai Rowing Club. He wrote a history of the Rowing Club published in 1938 titled ‘Sampan Pidgin’. It is a rare book and if you find a copy be prepared to pay a tidy some for it!

  After being contacted by Xavier Pages Capella, I recently found out that the Shanghai Rowing Club has been reborn. He had tried to find a copy of the history of the original Shanghai Rowing Club but was unable to so. You can find them on Facebook and presumably on some water somewhere in Shanghai!

  I have copied the book and over the coming months will make a copy available here. I am indebted to Mr Alan Harris, the eldest son of the book's author, who has given me his permission to post a copy of this book online.