Leslie George Shellam (1912? - 1945)

Details of Shellam's recomendation for an MBE held at the Public Record Office in London

The History of Sport Played in China's Treaty Ports

  Major Leslie George Shellam died on 28 September 1945 aged thirty-two. He played a few games for the Rugby Club in the 1938 – 39 season.

  I have found no details about his death but presumably he died from injuries suffered during the War. He was buried in Sai Wan cemetery in Hong Kong.

  In March 1945 when serving as Lieutenant Colonel in the 11th Sikh Regiment Shellam was recommended to be awarded an MBE ‘for outstanding service and devotion to duty behind the enemy lines, and for initiative and leadership in difficult and trying conditions.’ He had been responsible for training Chinese troops in Eastern China and had become cut off from the base behind Japanese lines. He and his party became dependant on intermittent supplies that could be dropped to him by plane. The commendation concluded that he had ‘made a material contribution to the maintenance of British prestige in this country [China].’ 

Shellam's grave at Sai Wan Militiary Cemetery in Hong Kong. More details can be found here