The History of Sport Played in China's Treaty Ports

 Newton John Stabb was born in Canada in 1868 and moved to New York when he was four years old. He joined New York’s Hongkong and Shanghai Bank in 1888 and arrived in Shanghai with the bank in 1895.  
While in Shanghai he was a keen cricketer and soccer player and also played rugby.
In 1897 he was sufficiently prominent in the Cricket Club to put together a Mr Stabb’s XI to play against the unfortunate Mr Gumpert’s XI. Stabb was run out for one and Gumpert fared no better, being bowled for two.  
He left Shanghai eight years later in 1903.
 He was appointed Chief Manager (i.e. it's global head), of HSBC in 1911. ​ He retired from the East in 1920 and was knighted in 1921. He died in December 1931 in the UK. 

Newton John Stabb as a young man

(Courtesy of HSBC Archives, London)

Newton John Stabb (1868 - 1931)