The History of Sport Played in China's Treaty Ports

If you have any videos from the last century of sport being played in the Treaty Ports of China or of persons linked with sport, please send me a copy or a link. 


The original Shanghai Rugby Football Club (SRFC) closed down in 1950, shortly after the establishment of the People's Republic of China. Forty-five years later it was reborn. After playing a few games of touch rugby, thoughts inevitably turned to playing contact rugby. In China rugby was in the process of being embraced by Chinese universities and colleges. Consequently, there was opposition available! In December 1995 (not 1996 as the intro to the video states) for the first time in forty-five years the SRFC walked onto a rugby field. It was also the first time that a SRFC team had played against a Chinese team. The opposition was the Shanghai Sports Institute (known today as the Shanghai University of Sports playing in red.They beat the nascent SRFC 20:6. Playing in that game for Shanghai were rugby legends (I use the term loosely) such as Ashley Jones, Mark Thomas, Sam Crispin, Guy Fulton, Andrew Cox, Rob Meecham, Alsen Hsien, Ed Cripps, Seth Peterson and Shane Walsh.

The full story of the the modern Shanghai Rugby Club, also known as the Shanghai Hairy Crabs is detailed across 41 pages with numerous photographs included within the 700 page book It's a Rough Game but Good Sport which tells the story of rugby in Shanghai from 1867 to 2014.