Shanghai Rugby Football Club vs Shanghai Sports Institute, December 1995
The first game of the modern Shanghai Club   The Shanghai Sports Institute won 20 - 6

Back row from left to right;
1) Rob Meecham, 2) UNKNOWN, 3) UNKNOWN (in red), 4) Seth Peterson, 5) Guy Fulton, 6) Alsen Hsien, 7) UNKNOWN, 8) Ashley Jones, 9) Sam Crispin, 10) UNKNOWN, 11) Shane Walsh, 12) Andrew Cox, 13) Ed Cripps, 15) UNKNOWN (nice shorts)

​Front row from left to right;
13) UNKNOWN, 14) UNKNOWN, 15) UNKNOWN, 16) UNKNOWN, 17) Mark Thomas, 18 UNKNOWN.

This is the photo from the first competitive game of rugby by the newly constituted Shanghai Hairy Crabs Rugby Football Club in December 1995 (renamed Shanghai Rugby Football Club in 2013). Sadly the memories of the persons on the photo whose names we do know are not what they used to be and we don't know the names of a lot of the players in this historic photo. If you recognise yourself or somebody else please get in contact.

Who Are They?

The History of Sport Played in China's Treaty Ports

Thanks to the following people ​who have given me names:
Mark Thomas
Ashley Jones
Sam Crispin

This is your chance to help out! If you recognise anybody in the photo below please let me contact me on the form below. Your name will be recorded on this page for posterity.